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Vektstang + vektplatesett inSPORTline Pumpstar 2 - 20kg

Art.nr: ISL18038
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Vektstang + vektplatesett inSPORTline Pumpstar 2 - 20kg

The Barbell + Weight Plate Set inSPORTline Pumpstar 2 – 20kg is suitable for aerobic exercise, circuit training or cross-training. Since the barbell only weighs 2kg, it is suitable for beginners. However, experienced users might use the included weight plates and increase the load to up to 19.5kg. The Barbell + Weight Plate Set inSPORTline Pumpstar 2 – 20kg is also suitable for interval training where it can be used for squats, weight-lifting, deadlift and other exercises.

The grip section of the barbell features a damage-resistant rubber coating, which makes it anti-slip and therefore easy to handle. Moreover, it also makes the barbell more comfortable when you place it on your back during squats. The Barbell + Weight Plate Set inSPORTline Pumpstar 2 – 20kg contains weight plates of following weights: 1.25kg, 2.5kg and 5kg. The weight plates are made of steel with a long service life. They feature a highly wear resistant rubber coating. Moreover, the holes in the weight plates ensure easy handling and also allow you to use them separately. You may also appreciate the pair of barbell collars which ensure maximum safety during the workout. 

The wide range of uses, quality workmanship and attractive design make the Barbell + Weight Plate Set inSPORTline Pumpstar 2 – 20kg perfect for every fitness freak. 

Set contains:

  • 1x 2kg weight-lifting barbell
  • 2x 1.25kg weight plate
  • 2x 2.5kg weight plate 
  • 2x 5kg weight plate 
  • 2x barbell collar


Technical description:

  • Adjustable load (2 – 19.5kg)
  • Barbell of high-quality hardened plastic
  • Anti-slip, rubber-coated grip section for perfect grip
  • Suitable for weight plates 30mm in diameter
  • Weight plates feature highly wear resistant rubber coating
  • Weight plates have holes in them for easy handling
  • Perfect for circuit training, interval training and cross-training
  • Barbell material: hardened plastic, rubber coating
  • Weight plate material: steel, rubber
  • Barbell length: 130cm
  • Load section length: 19cm
  • Grip section length: 88cm
  • Load section diameter: 30mm
  • Grip section diameter: 36mm
  • Barbell weight: 2kg
  • Barbell weight limit: 20kg
  • Comes with 2 barbell collars



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