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Takmontert chin up rack 6 håndtak MAGNUS POWER

Art.nr: ISLMP1025
Vennligst velg

Takmontert chin up rack 6 håndtak MAGNUS POWER  ​​​​

Check out the amazing ceiling mounted pull up bar from Magnus Power: 6 handles, non-slip grips, reinforcements, 4K welds technology, masterful design - these are the features of the leader in its class. 

Magnus Power MP1025 pull-up bar, New, Ready to use, Premium Quality, 7 years warranty. Mega Strong, Powerful Construction - 210KG/462,97lb Durability.

The construction just as the body must be symmetrical and harmonious. Many manufacturers neglect these basic principles of design. Pay attention to this and watch out for bars that do not have reinforcements, thereby exposing your health and safety.

Powder coated - Diamond Black, max. load 210KG/462,97lb, 8 screws and 8 ceiling plugs, MP1025 is the premium equipment. MAGNUS is the legendary brand, the largest manufacturer of pull up bars in the world. MAGNUS is the diversity of training and lifetime reliability. MP1025 machine is the essence of knowledge and design.

The pull-up bar comes with 6 non-slip grips. Complies with EN 957 safety standards. Avoid pseudo-bars which are made of 22mm/0,87inch pipes with bicycle handles. MAGNUS pull up bars are distinguished by ultra strong 4K welds, excellent satin powder coating, reinforced construction. The equipment is completed by an aesthetic finish, screw caps, rubber handles and an elegant branding.

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