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Art.nr: ISL6859
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ROCKERING inSPORTline HULAHOPP Ø100cm is a simple multi-purpose training accessory that will help you get rid of excess fat in problematic areas, such as your abdomen, glutes, hips and legs. The Weight Hoop’s circling motions have a positive effect on the function of your hips, lower back and the whole spinal area. Regular training with a massage hoop will effectively exercise your entire body. You can use the hoop to jump through it, similarly as with a skipping rope. Its low weight and high-quality foam material ensure safe and fun training. Because the hoop is quite heavy, you put more effort into exercising.

Technical description:

  • Durable 8-piece hoop made of light foam material
  • Multi-purpose exercise accessory for your entire body
  • Hoop diameter: 100 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg



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