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MMA boksesekk SportKO Silhouette MSP 45x150cm

Art.nr: ISL SMSP-150-2
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MMA boksesekk SportKO Silhouette MSP 45x150cm


The MMA Punching Bag SportKO Silhouette MSP 45x150cm is a specially shaped punching bag suitable not only for practicing all kinds of kicks and punches, but also for various ground-and-pound techniques. The bag’s shape imitates the shape of the human body, making all the takedowns and ground punches more authentic than a regular punching bag. It also allows you to practice elbow and knee strikes. Made of PVC, the bag can withstand rough use. Moreover, together with strong seams, it allows for a long service life. Since the bag is filled with sand, it weighs 65kg. The sand is mixed with polyurethane, crumb rubber and sawdust which perfectly absorbs blows and maintains its shape for a long time. 

The MMA Punching Bag SportKO Silhouette MSP 45x150cm features a steel ring which holds chains (included). If you are looking for a punching bag that would allow you to practice all kinds of punches, kicks and ground-and pound techniques, the MMA Punching Bag SportKO Silhouette MSP 45x150cm is the perfect choice (even if you are an experienced boxer). This punching bag is suitable for both home and gym use.


Technical description:

  • High-quality punching bag of PVC for practicing MMA techniques
  • Suitable for elbow and knee strikes and all kinds of kicks
  • Suitable for ground-and-pound techniques
  • Steel ring for attaching chains
  • Comes with chains
  • Strong seams help the bag maintain its shape
  • Suitable for experienced boxers
  • Height: 150cm
  • Diameter: 45cm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Cover material: PVC
  • Filling material: sand, polyurethane, crumb rubber, sawdust
  • Suitable for home and gym use

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