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Langrenn stakemaskin inSPORTline SKI2000

Art.nr: ISL-19986
Vennligst velg

Cross-Country Skiing Machine inSPORTline SKI2000


Train in any weather! The Cross-Country Skiing Machine inSPORTline SKI2000 allows you to exercise your arms, making it feel like the real thing! It allows you to exercise using both the diagonal stride and kick-double-pole techniques, improving your fitness in the process. However, it is suitable not only for skiers – it is also perfect for those who want to strengthen their upper body! Thanks to the unique air resistance system (with 9 resistance levels), it feels like a vertical rowing machine. You can either mount the machine on a wall or place it on the included plywood base and put it virtually anywhere. 

Thanks to the air resistance system, you do not have to plug the machine into an outlet. To make your workout more diverse, the machine features 7 different programs which you can switch between on an easy-to-read screen. The main feature of this machine are interval programs which allow for effective calorie burning. You can also set a training target. The Cross-Country Skiing Machine inSPORTline SKI2000 is suitable not only for those who need to train for a cross-country or biathlon race. It is also perfect for those who are looking to improve their fitness or get rid of fat. And the best part is that it can be used year-round!



Wind Instead of Snow

The machine uses an air braking system with a ventilator that is connected to the cables. You can exercise both hands at the same time or separately – just like in skiing. The amount of air that goes into the ventilator is adjusted manually.


Find the Best Spot

Thanks to its unique design, you can either mount the machine on a wall or place it on the included plywood base and put it virtually anywhere. Whatever option you choose, the installation will not take long.


Choose the Best Program

The Cross-Country Skiing Machine inSPORTline SKI2000 features interesting programs to make your training more diverse. The 3 interval programs will help you improve your fitness. Then there are programs that allow you to set a training target and a game aimed at stroke speed.



Key features:

  • Allows you to exercise using both diagonal stride and kick-double-pole techniques
  • Can be mounted on wall or placed on plywood base
  • Air braking system
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Interval programs
  • Compatible with Polar chest straps
  • No need to plug it into outlet


Technical description:

  • Number of resistance levels: 9
  • Screen shows: time, distance, number of strokes, calories, watt, heart rate
  • Battery: 2x C
  • Base material: plywood
  • Base dimensions: 120 x 59 cm
  • Base thickness: 2.5 cm
  • Frame dimensions (with base): length 127 x width 56 x height 217 cm
  • Frame dimensions (without base): length 40 x width 56 x height 210 cm  
  • Frame weight: 30.2 kg 
  • Base weight: 15 kg
  • Certification: SC (EN 957)
  • Use: commercial, club
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