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inSPORTline Mini Twist Stepper Jungy

Art.nr: isl9100
43% Rabatt
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inSPORTline Mini Twist Stepper Jungy

Mini Twist Stepper inSPORTline Jungy with resistance adjustment and quiet running will not only help you strengthen your thighs, but thanks to the twisting movement, you’ll be able to exercise your hips and abs as well. The stepper is a substitute for the boring, yet effective walking up the stairs, but is easier on the joints. Furthermore, the Jungy model helps you slim down in difficult areas. You’ll also appreciate features such as the hydraulic shock absorbers and the adjustable step height.

What are the advantages of using Jungy?

  • Improving your endurance
  • Toning your figure
  • Heart and lung disease prevention


Technical decription:
  • Computer displays: time, step count, calories burned, scan
  • Maximum user height: no limit
  • Weight limit: 100 kg
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Dimensions: L35 x W40.5 x H37 cm
  • Material: steel, ABS, polypropylene, PVC
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