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inSPORTline Inversion table Inverso

Art.nr: ISL7120
Vennligst velg

inSPORTline Inversion table Inverso

Recovery bench (inverse table, auto-traction chair) for relaxation, relief of muscle tension, blocked back and airways.


Inversion Table inSPORTline Inverso is a training accessory that was developed to prevent and relieve the pain in your back and the area around your spine. Long-term physical strain of only one part of your body, whether you are sitting down or standing on your feet, is typical for the modern lifestyle. This leads to gradual overstraining and damage of the body areas in question. Most often, there are problems with too much strain on intervertebral discs, hip joints, inner organs or the blood circulation in your legs.

Such issues can be only eliminated by positioning your body upside down, to the most natural position. The inversion table can be smoothly flipped over so that your head is near the ground. In this position, the tension in your muscles is released, which is beneficial to your entire body. If you use the inversion table regularly, you will be able to unblock your back and the respiratory system. Relaxing on the Inversion table inSPORTline Inverso is recommended by both masseurs and doctors focusing on recovery.

The frame is made of durable steel material that, combined with the soft padding, provides maximum comfort. Other advantages include a folding frame (similar to ladder) and the weight limit of 130 kg. Thanks to these features and the table’s beneficial effects on your spine and joints, the Inversion Table inSPORTline Profi is a popular and sought-after model.

Technical description:

  • Inversion table
  • Durable frame made of carbon steel
  • Frame profile diameter: 3.5 cm
  • Padded backrest and headrest
  • Cover made of synthetic leather
  • Padding thickness: 4 cm
  • Height of the back part: 79 cm
  • Height of the head part: 22 cm
  • Adjustable inversion angle with a safety strap
  • Bar to secure your legs
  • Rollers to stabilize your feet
  • Simple folding mechanism (similar to ladder)
  • Rubber grips
  • Recommended user height: 147-198 cm (20 levels)
  • Dimensions: length 145 x width 69 x height 145cm (warning: in the vertical position upside down and when setting the maximum height, the product can have a height of up to about 210 cm)
  • Storage dimension: length 70 x width 69 x height 190 cm
  • Weight limit: 130 kg
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Suitable for regular home use



  • Back pain prevention and treatment
  • Active loosening of muscle tension
  • Respiratory system relief
  • Helps to improve poor vein circulation
  • Helps to relieve stress on intervertebral discs
  • Helps to relieve stress on hip joints
  • Helps to relieve stress on inner organs (in sitting position)


Comfortably secured

The inversion table features an adjustable bar that will quickly and easily secure your legs for the exercise. The foam rollers further improve your stability, making your feel as safe as possible. 

Comfortable backrest

It is important to feel as comfortable as possible while you exercise. For this purpose, there is a back rest with 4 cm thick padding. It is soft and made of durable materials. The surface is covered with synthetic leather, ensuring a long service life and easy maintenance. 

 Stable and durable frame

The 3.5 cm thick steel frame provides maximum stability and durability, guaranteeing the weight limit of 130 kg. Higher stability is further ensured by special anti-slip foot pads on the leg supports. Special coating protects the frame from various scratches or abrasions and ensure a long service life. 









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